Louise Cincala
Here are some of my favorite things so you can enjoy them too!

1) Music - Like I mentioned earlier, my all time favorite artists/bands are Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Snow Patrol, and Jack's Mannequin. I currently enjoy Barcelona, Paper Tongues, and Automatic Loveletter. Fall Out Boy has a soft spot in my heart, and Miley Cyrus is my guilty pleasure.

2) Harry Potter - I do not and should not have to elaborate. However, reading in general is something I am particularly fond of.

3) IKEA - Okay. IKEA is way more than a furniture store, its a way of life! If I could, I'd spend all my days and money at IKEA. However, I'm a big fan of home decor and DIY in general. I like my home looking nice.

4) Maps - I really like places. I like being somewhere new. I love comfort in hometowns, but I get a thrill from experiencing a place for the first time. I love maps because not only do they show you these places, they also show you the way to get there. And sometimes being in transit is the best thing about places.

5) Donald Miller - Kind of similar to number two, but Donald Miller deserves his own number. He has written a few books that have changed my perspective on life. He writes books about Jesus, and makes Him real to me. He also wrote a book about roadtrips, and it was absolutely terrific, in my opinion.

This last one isn't really a favorite, but he definitely deserves to be recognized. This whole site concept was inspired by Ryan Sims' old homepage, before he changed it. However, his current one is pretty lovely as well.